MACKSTUDIO recruits guys between 18 and 60 years old, of all nationalities and origins. Every kind; gay, bi, straight, trans, travesty are welcome because we put in scene all the trips of the hardest to the most soft.

Objective: To build a stable of pro actors, to shoot quality scenes, fantasies, very hot and erotic at the same time, by taking a particular care with the lighting and the scenery. The game of the actors is essential and will be necessary for an optimal result.

Hi guy ! Do you want to become the next François SAGAT ?
- If so, then be as handsome as he is, work as much as he did, do not wait until it gets all cooked in your mouth and you'll become it ... maybe.

As SAGAT did before you, start by applying to become a model.

If you have a well-maintained body, you're not afraid to play a character, you're motivated to do a good job without counting the hours to get there so you're interested MACKSTUDIO. Beginners and professionals are welcome.

To download the casting form click on the button.

If you have no experience, you have a body completely neglected and you are looking for sex with one or more handsome guys, where you decide scenarios, dates, locations and shootings In addition you want to be paid as a star, so write to Santa Claus and do not waste my time.